The Next Necessary Undertaking

Spring is coming, and there is a joke in New York State that says, "Our seasons are before-winter, winter, after-winter and CONSTRUCTION." So we live accordingly with these seasons. A new building has already been planned for a new monastery store. It will also be very important for us to set up workshops for candles, incense and our other obediences.  All of these projects will require digging a new well and the necessary connecting pipes, as well as a new septic system.

Last summer our builders prepared a construction site to the south of the house where we now live, as you can see in the photos.

We need to raise $400,000 for construction and we ask for your support.  Please help us to take this next step towards making our monastery self-sustaining.

We wait, we hope, we believe and we prayerfully thank each one of you. May the Lord's Mercy be with all of you as you support the building of this monastery devoted to His Most Pure Mother, whether it be by your financial contributions or by your prayers. 

And please do send us the names of those persons dear to you, for us to commemorate.

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