With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, the building of the Iveron Mother of God Monastery begins.

The new monastery is arising out of the previously existing Saint Elizabeth Skete, located within a short distance of the previous location.


“Rejoice, pillar of fire, who leads mankind into the higher life.”

Saturday of the Akathist, canon, Ode 9

More than 20 years have passed since the martyrdom of Brother Joseph Muñoz-Cortez, the guardian of the Holy Iveron-Montreal Icon of the Mother of God. Residing now in Paradise, he remains with us an example of faithfulness and living for the Truth of Christianity.



“He who does not hasten to do good will not do it. Good requires fervor. The devil will not allow the lukewarm to do good. He will bind them hand and foot before they think of good. Only the fiery, hot ones can do good. Only a lightning-quick kind person can be kind in our world. And the further life goes, the more lightning speed a person needs for good. Lightning speed is an expression of spiritual strength, it is the courage of holy faith, it is an action of good, it is a real humanity.”


- St. John of Shanghai

The first church in North America dedicated to the newly glorified saint, Saint Joseph the Hesychast will be build here at the Iveron Mother of God Monastery.



“The most important calling today, the most important mission is not words, the world is tired of words. The world today needs to see examples. Thus says our Lord: 'You are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth ... So let your light shine before men.' It is about what needs to be done. Because Christianity is life in God. ...the most important mission today is an active life. We should not speak, but be true Christianity: truth, good nature, faith, love."


- Elder Joseph of Vatopedi, a disciple of Elder Joseph Hesychast, Mount Athos

Orthodox actor and musician Jonathan Jackson announces the building of the first church in America to be dedicated to St. Joseph the Hesychast.


St. Joseph the Hesychast

"'Holy Theotokos, help me!' - and immediately, as if lightning illuminates the mind and fills the heart with light. And it draws the mind to prayer and the heart to love."


St. Elizabeth Grand Duchess

"There has been so much joy in my life, and so much infinite comfort in my grief, that I long to give some of it to others."


Brother Joseph Munoz-Cortez

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, be merciful to mankind! Lord, only You have true peace, do not leave our world in this terrible, anxious hour, we call You.”

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