Building Progress 2023

We are so sorry. It has been too long since we have shared with you news of what has been happening with our monastery over this past year. Please forgive us; but now finally let us relay to you the progress we have made in 2023.

Much has been accomplished, but the largest and most important work has been the completion of an extension to the main house, a completion which has greatly improved our ability to function as monastics. We now have a working kitchen, additional rooms which will allow our monastery to expand, and a pantry. A much needed mud room is in the process of being completed, a mud room which will also be large enough to serve as a utility room. 

Before winter set in we were able to complete the larger portion of site work that was required prior to further construction: both levelling of the property, where necessary, the raising of some locations to provide smooth transitions from one portion of our land to another, and the construction of stone retaining walls to provide both holdbacks as well as beauty to our landscape.

Additionally, over this past year, we were able to erect a greenhouse, which we attached to our barn. Upstate New York has a very short growing season; danger of frost does not pass until almost the first of June. Our greenhouse will allow us to extend our growing season for the vegetables we plant to feed our monastics, workers and guests, and additionally our root cellar allows for storage of fruits, vegetables and canned produce during our very long and cold winters. 

As we look forward to the coming summer we will put much effort into establishing our vegetable and flower gardens, an orchard, and a small apiary.

Thank you for your prayers and support and God bless you!

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