General Building Projects

Because of the long winters, we have a short window for building and therefore must act quickly after the thaw each Spring.  This page will be updated as we reach certain stages of the building process.  See below for albums of current projects and stages of our buildings.

Barn and Storage Shed

The barn for the alpacas can be completed with the funds we have currently and is already in progress.  The storage shed will be attached to the barn.  This structure is nearly complete as of mid-December 2021, the rest will be completed in the spring after the thaw.

Cells and Workspaces

This building will contain much needed workspaces, trapeza, kitchen, and the remaining cells we need for the nuns.  We need $150,000 for the first phase for foundation, framing, and roof.  We hope to break ground in Spring.

Renovating the Old House

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Building the Barn and Garage Shed

Building the Barn and Garage Shed - 12/14/21

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